The Time Machine: Wapping Project Bankside

The Wapping Project Bankside houses a paradox: inside a space caged from scaffolding, photographs of empty spaces exist, as if time is standing still.

Since 2009, the Wapping Project Bankside is providing thought-provoking photography, film and video, as well as an absolutely brilliant programme of talks and events. Now, The Time Machine by Edgar Martins, a photographic collection of previously unseen work, is brought to life in the amazing space.

The visitor can not help but be mesmerised from the backlit portraits of the industrial spaces, devoid of the human factor they were built to accommodate. A running commentary of the relationship between man and technology is hidden behind the perfectly lit control rooms, perfectly shaped machinery, and perfectly selected colours that hide the metal behind them.

Even though the spaces are frozen in time, the work is so powerful that you can imagine the movement of a clock, measuring time instead of living it.

I think the most magnificent part of the exhibition is how the fantastically curated work is subtle, yet emotionally overpowering: in the brightly lit spaces you can see something inherently dark.

Unfortunately, the exhibition finishes on the 5th of November, so put your running shoes on, and go to Southbank as fast as you can!!






The IG followers seem to love the Wapping Project, giving it a total of 138 likes in less than a day!!


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