A Magnificently Spooky London Halloween

You have read the lists of things to do in Halloween. You have been in the fancy dress shop, bought candies for the trick-or-treaters (and some extra for yourself), carved your pumpkin and put a tea light in it. Most probably by now you are cringing at pictures of yourself in a cat suit assuming a growling pose, that at the time you thought was sexy. But it was not.

So what now? Well, there are tons of things happening in London, but I wanted to share with you some ideas that you might enjoy, and that would definitely veer away from the classics! So, let’s start with…


you might have noticed that the usually cheery Southbank is now full of bats, spider webs, and an occasional spooky song. The reason why? Wilhelmina the Wicked Witch has taken over the London Eye, and on the day, she will spook the visitors for all the 30 minutes of their rotation (as if fear of heights is not enough).

You can also guarantee that you will be singing the Ghostbusters theme for a whole week after going to the special screening in the BFI IMAX (it is described as a comedy, but I can think of some scenes that in the IMAX screen will cause a couple of people to bump on the roof).

What I would suggest is to take a walk, and enjoy the scenery. It is guaranteed that you will encounter an army of performance artists in Halloween appropriate attire (again, as if a perfectly still Mickey Mouse is not creepy enough).

Borough Market:

Let’s face it. Halloween is all about the treats. And what better place to treat yourself than Borough Market? Although I would strongly recommend taking a walk and checking all the stands, do not miss:

The AMAZING mulled cider from the New Forest Cider stand (because of research I had to try it. Twice. Oh, the pains of investigative blogging :)) Apart from amazing staff, two carved apples and great atmosphere, the stand also offers fridge-friendly 5 litre cider offers, prefect for a Halloween party with a kick.


A short walk down, you can find the delicious Pumpkin Ale in Utobeer, a stand that is always full of rare, unusual, yet always delicious beers.


And while you are at it, right across is the stand for Roast. Now, the restaurant is a bit pricy, so if the only scare you want to get from this Halloween is not from your bill, opt for the Roast to Go option, with absolutely mouthwatering sandwiches in pocket friendly prices.


Unusual London:
Even though humans take centre stage in Halloween, others can party as well. Not zombies dummy, dogs! A fancy dress competition for man’s best friend is taking place at 10am today (at -not making it up- Spaniards Inn), and before judging the contestants (or their owners) as eccentric, you should know that all proceedings are going to the amazing charity All Dogs Matter.

There will be a lot of ghost tours, BUT beware: most of them have actors that will scare the shit out of you. If you are anything like me, participating involves screaming like there is no tomorrow, and by the end of the tour hollering at anything, including old people that dare cross the street when you don’t really expect them to. If you are fearless, check Ghost Tours of the Old City or Ghosts, Gaslights and Guinness for some seriously scary walking (and a pint afterwards, you know, to catch your breath).

Finally, the sweets:
Yes, supermarkets have some unbelievable offers, as they are banking on people a) thinking ‘I could finish any leftovers myself’; b) ‘Christmas is coming’; and c) ‘i will not open the door for anyone,I will be too busy eating the sweets myself!!’

Whatever your style is, the classic Great British love for the pick and mix is very hard to resist, so…don’t!

However, if you have the time and the budget, why not treat yourself to some spooktacular deserts from patisseries with a twist? A perfect example is the absolutely fantastic Konditor and Cook, that has transformed into the little cake shop of horrors, and trust me, it lives up to it: human heart and mummy shaped cakes can that can really add a fantastic touch to your Halloween (and quite possibly scare the hell out of your friends and kids. Result!)


Whatever you end up doing, make sure you give in to the silliness, and just do not take yourself too seriously. There is something magnificent about getting excited for candy, or making a silly face on a pumpkin!

Have a spooktastic Halloween everyone!



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