What makes you smile? The IG followers answer!

So what if the sun decided to take the day off today?

This is London, umbrellas are accessories and the rain a familiar backdrop, right?

However, I enlisted the help of some of the lovely Magnificent Something IG followers to lift up your spirits, just in case they got wet from the rain 🙂

So, I asked them, ‘what makes you smile’?

Love was in the air, as @pointedtoes said she smiles when hearing the voice of her true love; @maxjessica smiles when he looks at her and tells her he loves her; and @miss_rizell smiles when someone tells he she is beautiful!

The mums of the group shared their favourite moments, with uber_gleek smiling when her 4year old says ‘I love you mummy’, especially when there was no treat involved :); @tishhhyou79 when she hears her children praying to the Holy Ghost; and @allafinedelsilenzio, simply from the smell of her child.

Last, but not least, @gilwen said that she smiles when after a long day, she stops by the door to watch the stars in the frosty sky. Poetic, beautiful, and surely smile-inducing 🙂

Finally, for me it would have to be a combination of all of the above. Love, family, and that magnificent moment where you snap out of the everyday to see the special.




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