Worst kept secret 1: Latte on the 7th Floor Caffè of TATE Modern

Museum Caffès are known to be tourist magnets, swarming with screaming children that unleash their creativity on paper matts, walls, and other people. This is why you will not see a lot of Londoners hanging in them, especially if they just want some peace of mind.

TATE Modern is not an exception to this rule. It is busy, and when you don’t hear a laughing or crying child, you hear the clicks of the cameras snapping away. However, here is a secret: avoid the classic tourist rush hour times, grab a friend, get in the lift (did I mention the 7 floors?), and prepare to be wowed.

There is no way you will not find yourself taking a sharp inhale when you lay eyes on the amazing views that await you, or the fantastic selection of drinks it provides.

If you are there at the right time (avoid weekends at all cost), it is the best place to take a deep breath and remind yourself how beautiful the city is. Capture it in a dead time (early hours on weekdays), and it is simply… magnificent.





2 thoughts on “Worst kept secret 1: Latte on the 7th Floor Caffè of TATE Modern

  1. Wow! Note taken 🙂 I will definitely check this out next time I’m in the big city. That view (especially through your magnificently-tinted lens) is indeed breathtaking!
    Lovely blog by the way. It’s making me smile 🙂

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