Claire Nixon: an Oasis in the High Street dessert

Whoever said that knitting is for grannies has clearly never met Claire Nixon.

Sitting comfortably in a high chair and high heels, she looks at home holding two giant needles and knitting peacefully. That is if you consider ‘home’ the windows of the newly open Oasis Store in Argyl Street (click here for an impressive time lapse from the Oasis blog).

Nifty Claire rests her leg on a giant ball of yarn, in a white cardigan that matches the giant sweater she has behind her. Amazingly, she has even created the lamp that stands besides her.

Oasis collaborated with the textile graduate to celebrate their launch, filling Argyl street with yarn, balloons, and helpful staff that made the cold week a bit more …magnificent.

Looking forward to more amazing events from both of them!





it looks like you guys loved Claire and Oasis, as the post made it to the WordPress list of Featured Fashion Items!


It also managed to get 61 likes in less than a day, making it the second best liked post of The Magnificent Something!


Thank you for all the support, and really glad you liked it!



2 thoughts on “Claire Nixon: an Oasis in the High Street dessert

  1. Hi, I am the real Claire Nixon in the photo. Thank you for the love and support. I have only just found this as my friend and I were reminiscing about this occasion. I am glad you liked the installation and my work. Thank You.

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