The Museum of Everything in Selfridges: art as you’ve never shopped it.

Everything. Everything you never expected to see, everyone you never expected to meet, all framed, curated in the most magnificent way.

Welcome to the Museum of Everything, a UK registered charity that celebrates the unintentional, thinks outside the box, and draws outside the line.

Housed in Selfridges, one of the world’s largest, oldest and most respected shopping destinations, Exhibition #4 and 400 pieces of art wait for you to see them.

The entrance acts as a portal: from the lovely busy bees of Selfridges to the laid back Everythingers, volunteers that radiate the love for the art that surrounds them.

It is impossible not to get goosebumps when you enter the Wonder Room. The exhibition starts with Manfred Henke‘s exceptional reproduction of music on maps; then, Tom Wagener‘s pop art stands next to Roy Collison‘s strong commentary about regression to the past, especially to life as a boy.

William Scott invites the spectator to travel through his journey of black culture depiction, in a parallel manner to Peter Hughes‘s figures full of raw emotions in primary colours.

Artists like Giovanni Gallipoli and Kunizo Matsutomo create two very different but equally compelling universes, where obsession with stars and words takes over and creates nothing and everything.

Even though I will not mention everyone, I was especially touched by Michael Gerdsman‘s crochet work, where the visually impaired artist explores the communication paths in a rather powerful form.

The museum takes over the always immaculate Selfridges windows as well, with Stefan Hafner‘s ‘The City of the Future’ standing out as a magnet to the thousands of people that capture it on their phones, cameras, or wide open eyes.

The exhibition lasts until the 25th of this month, so put your running shoes on and follow the red arrows (and while you are at it, why not try their ridiculously cheap coffee in the Cafe of Everything, while purchasing bespoke items in the Shop of Everything??! If you can not however, the masterminds behind the museum have created a digital experience (click here) for you.

Either way, check their amazing website, for more information on a really inspirational and remarkable museum.

It is guaranteed to make your day a bit more magnificent.

Check out some ‘terrible and brilliant’ pics from the exhibition just bellow:






I hope you find it as inspiring and amazing as I did.




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A big thank you to all the magnificent readers 🙂


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