How was your week then?

Let’s be honest. There is nothing magnificent about having a bad day; or in this case, a bad week.

A week that I find a constant frown sitting on my face, a smile that seems more like a reflex, and a broken record with the message ‘I am fine!’, as unconvincing as my thumbs up (yes, I did give the thumbs up to someone; it was that bad).

However, I am now sitting at Costa, sipping on my usual caramel latte, and taking a deep breath. I realise how much I am investing in all the negative parts of the week, that I seem to forget all the positives.

Trust me, I do not want to sound like an “everything is positive, let’s hold hands, build a fire, and sing cumbaya while toasting marshmallows” kind of person (actually, this is my version of hell on earth, especially if you add a Britney Spears acting marathon).

It’s just that I believe there is value in living the moment, and experiencing the negative feeling. I have spent so much time saying ‘it is fine’, that now ‘fine’ feels stressful.

Let’s see how the week pans out. Until then,




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