London is a massive inspiration for this blog. It is a part of my life, my self and my writing.

When I came to London I had a book in my suitcase: Time Out’s 1000 things to do in London.

I was absolutely convinced that I will do all of them. Four years later, and I still haven’t.

Even though the blog is about the quest to find the magnificent something, this part of the blog is about completing the List, but also making my own, with things that I did and loved, and hopefully you will love doing too!

Here is an index of the posts:

Time Out: 1000 things to do in London

Take a break at Cleaver Square (#500)

And more:

Don’t pull the Giant Plug

Investigate the mysterious case of the Stop-Sign Snatchers

Observe the point where art meets retail, like Oasis and Selfridges, or

Discover London’s worst kept secrets with a twist, like museum caffes (TATE Modern)

Enjoy a very scary Halloween, a projection in a clubhouse, a Jubilicious weekend

Have a discussion in a cell, jump in a time machine, Talk to the head of invention while your ideas are flying away! Stand in front of a house cut in half to observe a different kind of zoo.

See exhibitions on happiness, superstition, femininity, newspapers, the absurd, the everyday, life, algorithms, oil, white dots

Read a book, see a film, have a cuppa and a soup.

Close your eyes under the first snow of the year, send a love letter and give a penny for your thoughts.

Celebrate your birthday, and name day.

Take notice of the transparent next to you, the treadmill under you, the film in front of you,

Sit on sets, walk on bricks, stand proud, and follow your heart.

You are in London. You are a Londoner.


22 thoughts on “London

  1. Your blog is wonderful! I have such as itch to return to London (I visited briefly on a school trip to Oxford last year, but didn’t get to see nearly as much as I wanted to as I get hopelessly lost trying to get to St Pancras!).

  2. This is what I want to do: Move to England and blog the who adventure! I’ve never flown on a plane, I’ve never gone any further than the east coast. I have a couple obstacles in my way, but it’s a goal of some sort.

    I will get there. Someday. Sooner than later hopefully.

  3. Ha ha! It’s the same with Washington, DC’s Smithsonian museums – there’s even MORE underground in storage that isn’t available to show in public because of space limitations! I live in San Francisco, and it’s continuously morphing, and would be just as difficult as London to catch it all before in changes! Ah, enjoy whatever order you come across something – that’s more fun and less a J-O-B or work projec!

  4. I’m moving to London by the end of April and am experiencing a mixture of excitement and dread as its been quite a few years since I’ve lived in a big city. But you describe London so beautifully as a city full of such wonder and potential that you’ve allowed me to look forward to my move, and to experiencing London myself.
    Thank you
    I’ll be using your blog not just as my ‘surviving in London guide’ but as a guide to actually enjoying all that London has to offer and perhaps finding my own magnificent something. xx

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